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Meditation For Beginners

Different Types of Meditation Yoga & Tips for Beginners

5 Different Types of Easy Meditation for Beginners

Beginners find it hard to do meditation on their own. Many people think of meditation as a passive activity but on the contrary. Meditation is an active technique which involves much more than closing your eyes and sitting in a yoga pose. You need to connect with your inner self during meditation. This is where guided meditation becomes so useful for beginners. You find lots of meditations and yoga at

Guided easy meditation for beginners is the meditation that is guided by a teacher or a narrator. The narrator gives instructions on what you should do during a guided meditation. Following the instructions, you are able to achieve synergy between your mind, body, and spirit. You can never truly master meditation until you are able to control your subconscious mind. With meditation, you are able to feed the subconscious mind with positive energy.

What you feed the subconscious mind is what manifests in your life through the body. With guided meditation, you are able to feed your mind with what is important to you. You disengage with the stresses of daily life and speak positivity. You can also draw raw energy from within yourself which can help the body in healing, self-improvement, and spiritual achievements.

Some Guided Meditation Techniques for Beginners

Deep Relaxation Meditation

life is very intense and day to day activities take a toll on the mind and body. Even though many people are able to mask themselves and appear to be happy, there is still tension and heaviness weighing them down inside. Deep relaxation meditation is a form of guided meditation that enables you to experience deeper levels of relaxation and peace.

To bring your body to complete deep relaxation an understanding of the nervous system is required. The narrator will use a combination of techniques like simple meditation and hatha yoga techniques including kriyas for cleansing to achieve deep relaxation.

With deep relaxation meditation you are able to release stress and tension, let go of any pain, let go of any heaviness in your life, relieve fatigue and restore energy. You will take your mind to a place of peace and tranquility and will reset all the negativity in your life. After the 30 minutes session you will be feeling all energized and at peace with life.

Loving Kindness Meditation

This meditation is also called metta meditation. In involves use of repeated words, images and feelings to evoke love and kindness to all people. First you are guided to opening your mind and receiving loving kindness yourself.

After opening your mind and receiving the loving kindness yourself, you then send the message to others. You can send it to the world, to specific people in your life, to your enemies or to some sources of your stress.

In loving kindness guided meditation, you open your heart and mind so you can cultivate feelings of love and compassion. It is suitable for anyone that is affected by anger, resentment, frustration, and interpersonal conflict. This meditation reduces anxiety and stress while increasing positive emotions.

21 Day Meditation Challenge

This is unlike any other type of meditation, it is a challenge and meditation for beginners as well. Research has shown that it takes 18 to 21 days to build or break a habit. With this 21 day challenge, you can be sure that you will be able to make meditation a habit for you. After the challenge, you will be able to practice meditation consistently.

This challenge can be practiced even by beginners. It takes you through different types of meditation so you can find the one that really suits you. You also get to experience the different teachers in yoga challenge. It is highly engaging and will give you an experience like no other.

Root Chakra Meditation

The root chakra or muladhara chakra is the first chakra center of the body. In root chakra meditation you are guided on how to stimulate the root chakra. This meditation takes about 20 minutes to complete and by the end of it you feel grounded and stable in your life.

The beginners guide to meditation allows you to identify the root chakra which is hard for many beginners. The Muladhara chakra is located at the base of the spine, pelvic floor and the first three vertebrae. It is therefore hard to locate for many. However, it is very important as it is the foundation of all the other chakra.

With the root chakra meditation, you will feel much grounded and secure. This enables you to face your daily life with ease. You feel content with your life and therefore you can perform better in your day to day because you are not distracted by worries.

Bedtime Meditation

Many people toss and turn in bed sometimes even for hours without getting sleep. This is usually because of the many thoughts rushing through the mind. Also it is caused by negativity in the mind. Bedtime meditation helps you to get rid of these negative thoughts and calm your mind before going to bed.

Bedtime meditation helps your mind to let go of the day’s stresses. Sometimes you are unable to sleep because you have plans and even regrets. Bedtime meditation helps you to release that anxiety and ground your thoughts so you can sleep better.

The good thing about bedtime meditation is that it can be practiced right before bed. You can also practice it when you are unable to sleep. The quality of rest you get is not dependent on the number of hours you sleep. Rather, it depends on the quality of sleep that you are able to get. With bedtime meditation, your body and mind attain the required conditions for a truly restful night.

Meditation Tips for Beginners

Meditation is important for everyone. You are able to get in touch with your subconscious mind and reset it with better experiences. You will therefore be able to live a better life. It also allows you to harness energy that you can use for self-improvement and healing.

With meditation you are also able to attain your spirituality by separating your body and your spirit. This allows you to become one with your spirit. With these guided meditation classes you will be able to attain all these and so much more.